Inteste n jnng e Ceest F?

Celestia designs Illustrated covers for all crates and for crates that feature 2 books, the second book will also have an alternate cover! These products can vary by crate as we don’t want to limit our buyers to the same few products, but our staples tend to include: Art Prints, Specifically Designed Bookmarks, and a D*ckmark (which is exactly what it sounds like!) from our vendor, Thirteen Star Designs!  

We work close with other creators and small businesses to design products that help bring your books to life,

Comes with special drinkware, at least 2 bookmarks, one art print, other bookish merch and occasionally a d*ckmark from Thirteen Star Designs!

let's do it!

Each box will have a signed illustrated cover paperback (signed bookplates for INTL authors)

Regur Cre

Celestia Summer Project

Starting in 2023, Celestia will be having a BIG summer project where we will feature an entire series! In 2023, we will be featuring a 9 book series that has never had special editions (in it’s entirety; book 1 has had a special edition before). We will be creating special editions that are numbered, signed, and extremely limited! For this option, we do require a series that has at least 5 books! 

i'm ready!

i'm all in!

This crate includes a book of the authors choice plus 2-3 items. A sign up will also be posted for bloggers and bookstagrammers. Ebook or physical copies will be needed for this crate!

PRice varies 

Prootonl Crte

*disclaimer: this is the only service that will require author to pay*

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They promote our business with rep codes and always promote the authors we feature in our boxes!

Here are a few ways you could sign up to work with Celestia through this option: 

Rep Prooton!

We are now doing some very special extras for our Reps! If you’re not familiar, reps are what Arc/Street Team members would be for an author but for a small business! 

Special Limited Editions!

Special Limited Editions!

ONLY available for reps, Celestia team members, and the author! These editions would not be sold anywhere by neither Celestia or the author. We started this with our first 2023 rep term and could not be more excited! 



We can always shout out your newest release to our reps and have them either sign up or send them arcs directly! We can 100% guarantee that they will not share or pirate your arc! 



Any swag you’d like to send to us for our reps! We’ll give you or any of your books a shoutout! 

Are you Interested in joining the Celestia fam? Fill out this form to possibly get featured in one of our specially curated CELESTIA book crates!


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