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Shppng Upes

Shipping Updates as of May 11th 11:29 pm cst:

The Spooky Boys Box:
 Half of the orders are being picked up 5/12. Other half will be shipping Monday/Tuesday. The Remaining orders will not receive tracking until sunday night

Holidays in Bed crates and paperbacks: All orders have shipped. Please give the post office some time update tracking. You can start emailing us by wed, but we will not send replacement packages until next friday as we noticed a lot of people asked for replacements and ended up with 2 packages. 

SAk Orders: 
all orders have shipped. please email us if you have yet to receive your box. 

*all* paperback-only orders and one third of crates will be picked up 5/12. The rest will be shipped Monday-Wednesday. The remaining crate orders will not receive tracking until sunday night.

We had a delay with the manuscript of the book (the nsfw art inside) and asked in the fb group if people wanted to wait for the nsfw or just print without. more info in the fb post. we finally have the art and the books are in production now. we expect them soon. once we have a timeline from the printer, we will post here.   

You, me, & our f*ckups:
Books are on the way and will begin shipping once here 

broken promises: 
Books are in production. 

**DISCLAIMER: There may be import/custom charges for INTL customers. Celestia Book Crate LLC is not responsible for these charges and must be paid for BY THE CUSTOMER. Please allow 3-5 weeks of delivery time due to COVID-19** 

Refund & Damage Plc

Thank you for your purchase. Below is all the information regarding our refund and damage policies!


Cancellations may be requested up to 48 hours after purchase date and time.
  The purchase amount will be refunded to the original payment method. We will notify you by email when your cancellation has been processed.

Purchases cannot be cancelled or refunded once the item has shipped, regardless of when you purchased.



Please email us immediately at if you receive a defective or damaged item. Include photos of the book (s), how your box/packaging arrived, and a description of the damage. Books must be returned to us before we issue a replacement.
*We are not responsible for the cost of return shipping. for INTL packages*

Note: International buyers will have the option to destroy their damaged copy and submit proof instead of returning the book to us.

Considered Damaged:
*Loose or torn pages
*Scratches, marks, or residue on the front of the book
*Sizable dents or crushed corners
*Damaged pages that affect the readability of the book

Not Considered Damaged:
* Small scratches, marks, or residue on the back of the book
* Wavy pages
* Small creases on the spine and back of the book



Sales: All sales purchases are final sale and not eligible for cancellations or refunds.

Damaged Copies: All seconds copies are AS IS and are not eligible for cancellations or refunds. 


Freque se Quests

Is there a waitlist for the crate subscription?

Yes! Here is the form to join our waitlist!

When do spots open up for the crate subscription?

Although spots don’t open every month, when we do have spots available to add, they will be sent out as invites to those signed up on the waitlist any time between the 10th-14th of a month if we open up spots. We will not send out invites to everyone signed up, only a select amount until we close for the month(s). 

How many times can we skip a crate (if part of the subscription)?

As of January 2023, we have unlimited skips!

Can we purchase crates outside of the subscription?

Yes! We will ALWAYS have one-time purchases available for crates and our paperback-only options!

What is the paperback-only option?

This option includes the featured paperback(s) of the month. It also includes the matching art print and bookmark! If we are featuring multiple books that month, there will be different ways to buy the paperbacks so you don’t feel pressured to get all of the paperbacks if you only want one!

What is the pricing on crates and paperbacks?

Our prices vary:
Crate subscriptions are $65+shipping
Paperback-only option is $25+shipping
One-time crate option changes month to month but is usually between $65-85. 

Is there a waitlist for the crate subscription?

When do spots open up for the crate subscription?

How many times can we skip a crate (if part of the subscription)?

Can we purchase crates outside of the subscription?

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship anywhere USPS and UPS ship! If you have shipping issues when checking out, please reach out to us through email at with the subject line: "CHECKOUT SHIPPING URGENT"

Do you reprint your books?

We never say no to reprints (only specific ones and we will always state this), but we don’t guarantee reprints of any of them. If one of our editions has enough interest, we’ll go to an author and ask!

Do you only do Illustrated covers?

Yes! Illustrated covers are our specialty! As of now, we do not have any plans to do any other type of special edition covers! 

Do you only do paperbacks?

Currently we mainly feature paperbacks but do have plans for a few special projects here and there to be hardcovers!

What is your returns/damages policy?

Please see our return policy here!

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